Below you will find a list of simple instructions, rules, and regulations for our facility to ensure that everyone has a great experience and remains safe.

Please Read Carefully

Finishline Performance Karting will supply all requested safety gear (Helmet & head sock)
All participants must complete a release of liability waiver
Anyone under 18 years old must complete a Minor Release Waiver if they will Nott be accompanied by a parent or guardian, the following steps MUST be followed exactly for this form to be accepted when you arrive.
1 - Form MUST be printed in color 
2 - DO NOT FOLD (folded form can not be accepted)
3 -The form WILL need to be notarized before you arrive.
Junior Kart Minimum Height 52”
Adult Minimum Height 60”
Dual Kart Driver must be 60 inches tall & rider must be minimum of 52” tall. No Exceptions.
Open toe shoes are not allowed 
Long Pants and long sleeve shirts are suggested but not required 
You may bring your own helmet
All customer owned helmets must meet or exceed K2010
DOT helmets are not allowed
Bumping, drifting, or off track excursions are not allowed

Any questions please contact us at (228) 207-4519


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